Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On The Beam

All well on board. We left Wallis yesterday at high tide, at what we thought would be slack water for transiting the pass. As it was, a knot or two of current spat us out of the lagoon. Since then we've had fresh winds on the beam. So the decks have been wet, the cockpit has occasionally been invaded by spray, and the motion has been just short of comfortable.

But on this second day out we've all gotten our sea legs. Even with two reefs in the main we've been moving along at 7-8 knots. It was too rough to fish yesterday, and today after four bites we have yet to bring a fish on board - everything has been too big for our gear.

I'm fighting off a migraine - hopefully successfully. The autopilot that gave us a little trouble on last passage has (touch wood) been working flawlessly. A new chapter in Fiji awaits.


  1. I hope it does not show up, that migraine. Peace and love to all on board!