Saturday, September 14, 2013

We're Not In Futuna

Wallis is, of course, half of the French possession of Wallis and Futuna - two widely separated island groups in Polynesia. We were in Futuna two years ago and had a great time. The wind was in the correct direction to make the dicey anchorage work, it was a short dinghy ride to town, once ashore you were right in the thick of things, the people were over-the-top friendly, and fewer than 20 yacht had visited during the whole year. a little different. With the trades booming, the only tenable anchorage appears to be this little bay in the reef that is home to us and the other nine yachts that are currently visiting. Shore is a long way away, and once you go there you're just on a little road 10 km from the main town. No beach for the boys (always a primary concern for us) and the snorkeling is rotten.

The people, though, are just as friendly as the people in Futuna. And we did get to see the closing ceremony for the Pacific Games.

But aside from that, there's not much to hold us here. That's a big part of traveling - you give a place a try, and it holds you or it doesn't.

It looks like we'll be heading off for Fiji in a couple days.

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