Saturday, September 28, 2013

Savusavu Rocks

This was our view of from the mooring in Nakama Creek where we've spent the last week.  You're looking at the very heart of our port of entry - Savusavu.  It's a one-main street, no-traffic light kind of place.  And we loved it.  The convenience for getting yachtie errands done was incredible.  I went ashore at 9 one morning and, after getting money from the ATM, bought: beer and kiwi fruit at the grocery store, yaqona (kava) at the market, an internet voucher at the wireless kiosk, a bula shirt at the bula shirt store, had my hair cut poorly for $2.50 US, and was back on board for a cup of coffee by 11.  We yachties are a very practical lot, and nothing is more endearing to us than a place where it's easy to get things done.  Plus the people were invariably friendly and engaging, plus the setting is beautiful - I would just look out the portlight at odd moments during the day to watch the different shades of green on the volcanic hillside shift in relation to each other as Galactic swung around the mooring.

This is our third season in the tropical South Pacific, and we're still discovering low-hanging fruit like Savusavu.  How are we ever going to leave this ocean basin?

We have, though, at least left Savusavu.  After a quick jump three miles out to an anchorage in Savusavu Bay and a day spent finishing up a research proposal before we leave internet access behind, we are now poised to launch out into Fiji...

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