Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slowly into Fji

We're in easy striking distance of Savusavu, but are going as slowly as possible and will heave to for the night in order to check into the country during office hours. Fiji does not have the reputation for being relaxed about official matters the way that Wallis & Futuna and Tonga do, so we're making the effort to do things correctly.

The last 24 hours have been languid sailing, ruined only by the accidental introduction of diesel fuel into our port water tank. I'll have a mess to deal with in Savusavu, and redoing a bunch of poorly thought-out plumbing will be high on the list in New Zealand.

But! We ate fresh Mahi Mahi for lunch, and Alisa will tempura-fry the other half with fried banana for dinner. It looks like Eric will accomplish the passage without being seasick, just as he did the much rougher passage from Tonga to Wallis. Things may be improving on that front.

And we're out here, sailing the Pacific with the family. Even the regular days are pretty good.

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