Sunday, January 20, 2013

Endless Summer

Our good Hobart mates on Triddar and Aratika are living aboard at the marina right now - and each of them have two kids in the six to nine age bracket.  So ever since we got back from Port Davey Elias has been living a pretty idyllic existence - there's always a mate (or four) at hand who might also feel like fishing, or swimming in the marina (wet suits advised) or playing cards.  It's been a short time, really, but you can see that Elias is living the sort of timeless summer that you might remember as a kid - each day is fun, and there is always another day at hand.

In keeping with the idealized-childhood-of-summer theme, we took the Galactic and Aratika kids to the circus yesterday - the Great Moscow Circus, here in Hobart through the 28th.

It was great.  There's all sorts of things that I could write about the rare joy of live entertainment, and the long-standing traditions that the performers are serving.  But I think that I'll just say that if you're in Hobart, whether you have kids or no, you ought to go.

Tomorrow Aratika is leaving, bound for points North.  A week after that, we are leaving as well (for Queensland, by plane, for a family visit before we sail for New Zealand).  So this little idyll of summer for Elias and his mates will end up being short-lived.

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