Thursday, January 17, 2013

Third Step

The car is for sale, and we're forward-loading our errands around town in case someone suddenly buys it out from under us.

All adult eyes on Galactic are peering across the Tasman Sea, at New Zealand.  We're earnestly preparing the boat for the crossing.  

The kids, on the other hand, are living in the moment, and preparing for nothing at all.

I feels like we're about to take a third step in our sailing life.  First there were the Pelagic years, and our first sail to Australia.  Then came Galactic, and another Pacific crossing.  And now we're setting off on something new - we're leaving Australia behind, after two wonderful extended stays, with no plans to sail back.  And for the first time, our long-range plans don't include a Pacific crossing.

A lot of our preparation is oriented around weather - forecasting it, routing around it, being prepared for it.  These are, after all, the Roaring Forties, and the delights of the tradewinds are far far away.


  1. Keep thinking about you, and hoping everything comes together for a smooth exit from Australia - those yellow blotches are manageable, just take care of the red and brown, and particularly of those two little guys.
    Perhaps we'll even be able to say Ki ora next month. xx

    1. We'd love to say Ki ora in person - how fun it would be to see you guys in your other nation. I've loved just about every other part of Polynesia that we've seen... I keep picturing NZ as another island dot in the grand sweep of Polynesia - just with fewer palm trees and thatched-roof huts. Perhaps I'll have to adjust my impressions once we're there!

  2. So excited for you! can't wait to hear all the details. Just had a chance to catch up on your blog...enjoyed your recent posts about your time to Port Davey!
    Thinking of you all every day! hugs, Zoya

    1. Thanks, Z! We'll look forward to the time when we have you on board again!