Friday, January 11, 2013

First Peak

In Port Davey, Elias and I had our first father-son "mountain climb" - up the 170 meter-or-so Balmoral Hill.  That's the descent above.  You can just see Galactic and the other two boats that were in Port Davey with us anchored up below.

Elias didn't love the going-up part.  But even though he fell down a hundred times on the way down, he didn't mind the descent.

It was windy on top.

Throwing our apple cores off the summit was a highlight.

It's my hope and expectation that we'll get back to Alaska while I've still got a lot of hiking and skiing left in my legs.  Hopefully by then Elias will still be keen to go out in the hills with his dad.


  1. Port Davey sure is a beautiful part of a virtually untouched wilderness. Did you like it?

    Interesting to note that throwing your apple cores into that pristine wilderness was your highlight. I guess we all see the world from different perspectives, and perhaps it makes no difference in the long run.

    1. Hey Martin - Yep, loved it. Nothing untouched about the place, though - people have actively managed that area with fire for tens of thousands of years! Don't worry, those apple cores won't grow into trees - wind is pretty limiting for tree growth there. I suppose that a possum might develop a bad apple core habit, though!

      Anyway, thanks for commenting, hope you're enjoying the blog...