Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lunch box drama

Today is the last day of summer for Elias. He begins primary school tomorrow, and therefore he needs a few new items such as a school uniform, a pair of new shoes, and a new lunch box.

I like to think that I am open-minded and liberal about letting Elias chose toys that he will enjoy. When we were visiting my parents in Florida I bit my tongue when he latched onto a pink teddy bear with pink ribbons in it's teddy bear ears. And when Elias wanted to carry the said teddy bear all over town and to dinner, I let him.

But shopping for lunch boxes yesterday taught me where I draw the line. Elias really wanted to get a pink lunch box with kittens. It was both the kittens and the hot pink, each individually and also combined. I just couldn't let him chose that one. But what to say? Oh, I just said "Elias, I really think that you will want a different lunch box once you are in school". He didn't ask me why and I didn't offer any further explanation.

Thankfully he decided that Mickey Mouse was pretty cool, too.