Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ship of the Damned

Man, you don't know how loud a one-and-a-half-year-old can be until you live with one on a boat.

We went to some friends' boat for dinner last weekend and when Eric started screaming the bloke just laughed and said, "You poor buggers!"

So, yes, Eric has been having a lot of screaming fits lately.  And he has been throwing things.  

Food is a favorite projectile, as are cups and bowls and spoons.  Meals have become a little...tense...as Elias doesn't appreciate either the screams or the projectiles.  Eric screams and throws something at Elias.  Elias yells and shakes his fist at Eric.  Eric screams at Elias, louder than the first time.  I push my earplugs deeper into my ears.  

"It's the ship of the damned," Alisa mutters.

This will pass, we tell Elias.  Eric's a little fella, he doesn't know any better.

Then, when the tantrums and throwing seem truly endless, even Alisa loses patience.  This is her "listen, buster" face below.  Better to see Eric get it than me!

Lucky thing for the little guy that he is very cute much of the time.

Or at least when he's asleep.


  1. Dontcha just love their little cotton socks! You will know that you're in REAL strife when the earplugs meet. See you soon!!

    1. I never thought of the earplugs meeting! Sounds like a very serious yoga move.

      Yep, see you soon! Bring your own earplugs!

  2. Eric--sleeping with Purple Pony?? How did THAT happen?

    These little ones are sowing the seeds of brotherly love and competition for many years to come. And you parents get to go along for the ride!

    1. luckily they mostly get along great. Poor Elias takes the brunt since he is the only one old enough to mind us...

    2. oh, and - the pony. either we were making success on the sharing front or (as I suspect) Elias was asleep too and didn't know where his pony was...