Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tassie, Mate!

Have you ever returned to some place where you used to live and had a funny let-down feeling when at first no one knows that you're back?  You're excited to be there, but you haven't run into any of your friends yet, and you get this deflated feeling that no one is even that excited to have you back.

Well, that's not Tassie.

We still haven't made it back to Hobart, but we're finishing a great weekend on the hook at Bruny Island, about fifteen miles south of the city.  We caught up with our good friends from Aratika II, had a flying visit from the crew of Avenger, who are in the throes of final preparations for the sail to New Zealand, and got a cameo visit from Ocean Child, who happened to be sharing the anchorage.  It was a lot of socializing, and a great antidote to the lingering question in the back of my mind over whether Tassie will be as much fun for us this time around as it was the last.

Below:  Aratika and Avenger rafted on either side of Galactic, the scene in our cockpit (I was having one of those nights where you keep knocking over drinks by mistake), and Elias catching up with his mates while fishing for flathead.

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