Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So, here's the little fella this morning, on the very threshold of his academic existence, his very first day ever at school.

Poor little bugger...

Ha!  Just joking.  As you can see in the pic, he was completely over the moon.  We're glad that we can give him this initial experience of attending school, as he's very ready to have peers and teachers in his life.  After our stay in Hobart, he'll be back to getting boat-schooled.

There has been one hiccup with the whole experience.  His year in school can be either "prep" (kids who are turning six during the school year) or "kinder/prep" (kids turning six mixed in with kids turning five).  Our small community of Hobart friends is fairly unanimous in the opinion that "kinder/prep" doesn't give kids as good an educational outcome as "prep".

So guess where the school placed him.

Sigh.  A week ago I was a freewheeling adventurer, roaming the planet with my little brood.  Now I find myself playing the concerned suburban dad, making appointments to meet with the principal.

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