Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And Now For Something Totally Different

I keep noticing the air quality - it's just so bad.  Check out our final approach to the runway.

So, bit of a transition for me - I'm in Korea, attending a conference on climate change effects in marine ecosystems.

Pre-retirement full-time sailors all find one way or another to fund their wanderings - we're doing it through my research in Alaskan marine biology, which I've been keeping going part-time as we sail.  Alaska has seen more than its share of climate change in recent decades, so this conference is right up my alley.

The conference is in Yeosu, at the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula.

It is being held at the site of the World Expo, which has an oceans theme this year.  (I didn't even know that they still had World Expos...)

The Expo is demonstrating that the Koreans know how to organise a spectacle.

Being here, I realise how much I just like to travel.  Korea never would have been on my list of places to visit if this conference hadn't been going on, but I'm really enjoying being here.

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