Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Other Kind of Childhood

 (Yes, that is a boomerang.)

(Yes, that is a skull.)

The visit of our good Kodiak friend Zoya coincided with an oddity of the Albuera Street Primary School calendar.  Last Wednesday was Anzac day, and thus a school holiday.  Friday was a teacher in-service day, so no school.  

It seemed a little wasteful to hang around town for the second half of the week just so Elias could go to school on Thursday.  So we went sailing instead.

Elias doesn't get any independence when we're sailing, and Eric even less.  At five and two, they're completely dependent on us in the watery realm.  But when we go sailing they do get time every day just mucking around in the natural world - throwing a boomerang or finding a skull on the beach and trying to figure out what animal it came from.

Or whacking the water with sticks.

We're enjoying this winter in Hobart, and Elias in particular is loving the experience of going off to school five days a week.  But it was great to get a few days away on the boat and to be reminded of how different, and wonderful, the kids' lives are when we're out sailing...

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