Friday, May 18, 2012

Urban Myth Conference Dinner

It's become something of an urban myth to me: for years, colleagues who have gone to conferences in Asia have been telling me stories about eating restaurant meals where the octopus tentacles are so fresh that they're still moving on the plate.

The other night, I went out for a late dinner with some friends here in Korea, and we stumbled into just that kind of restaurant.  With the language barrier, we weren't sure what we were getting until it arrived at the table - but there it was, several kinds of invertebrates, just plucked from an aquarium, processed and then served.  Both the octopus and sea cucumbers were still moving on the plate.

And it was good!


  1. Thats soooo cool!!! I love travel food posts.
    When I visited, I sure enjoyed hearing about the interesting foods you ate as you sailed to Australia. So glad you took a picture of the dish and described it. How did it taste? So curious! Tell all!

    1. Hey Zoya - the taste ran the gamut - from the octopus and abalone (great) to the sea cucumber (ok) to the soft parts of some animal we couldn't identify (pretty gnarly) to the hard parts of some other animal we couldn't identify (apparently indigestible). Luckily, there was chill sauce and beer to help it all go down. Not something I'd order every day, but I'd definitely eat that meal again!