Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Any Excuse to Sail

We had an excuse to go sailing last week, and it was a good one - our friend Zoya's visit.

Without her visit, we would have missed this morning light in Barnes Bay.

We would have missed this rainbow in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel...

...and these wallabies on Simpsons Pt.

Our time away from town was a great reminder of how remarkable any regular run of days can be if you break away from the routine and go have a look at the world.

And, lucky us, our routine here in Hobart is pretty easy to break away from.  And we've been able to spend a lot of time during the last five years just looking at the world.

Finally, though we have some great Hobartian friends whom we have been able to see a lot of during our two stays here, much of our sailing life has been characterized by powerful, but ephemeral, friendships.  So it was great to be visited by someone we've known, jeez, for ten years or more.


  1. Love those huge smiles on the Alaskan girls' faces. Must be cold enough, right? Also love the photo of Eric puddling around at the edge of the water wearing his goggles. What a character that little bloke is! Great to see pix of Galactic under sail - we live in hope here! xx

  2. Love the pics and post! The Wallabies came out quite crisp in the picture. That was quite a treat to see those in the wild.

  3. yep, seeing wallabies in the wild = good. And not seeing any snakes in the wild = better!

    And seeing the old barky out for a sail = best of all...