Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Age Group

With everything that's been going on, I neglected to mention that birthdays come in pairs on board Galactic.  A few days after Eric turned two, Someone Special turned forty.

It seemed like such a sensible plan - have M-A over for cake with the kids, then she would take Alisa out for celebratory drinks with some friends while I fed the kids dinner and put them to sleep.  But we had forgotten that the kids are so antsy at 5:30 that they can't even sit still to eat cake.  My photography suffered as a result.
So now Alisa is in a new age group.  Our joint attitude towards being in our 40s is informed by friends of ours back home who are competitive runners and skiers - they find that attrition takes care of most of their competitors over the years, and that if they can just maintain their performance as they move up in the age groups, they get better relative to everyone else.

So that's what Alisa and I are looking to do in our forties - we'll just maintain, and let the competition fade away!

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