Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fellow Travellers

There are thousands and thousands of sailboats out traveling the world at any one time, and their movements follow very definite seasonal patterns.  Right now nearly all the travelling boats in the Southern Hemisphere are moving into the tropics to enjoy the new cyclone-free season and to avoid the rigours of a winter spent at the more dreary latitudes.

We, of course, are sitting out this season.  And while it's not the kind of thing that we think about much, I think that we are missing the company of other travelling sailors.  There's a very special bond that we feel with other people who cross oceans in their own boats.

So it was a great treat to have our friends Rex and Louise on Six Pack just down the dock from us for the last few days.

We first met Rex and Louise in Tonga, almost four years ago.  Then, a year or two later, we crossed paths with them in Mooloolaba, just at the right time for them to be the honored guests at Elias' third birthday party.  And now they've turned up four pens over from us on BB dock.  It's a classic sort of history to have with other sailors - fun meetings, widely spaced.

Six Pack is the size that cruising boats used to be twenty or thirty years ago, before everyone decided that passagemaking boats had to be floating castles.  These guys have been at it for decades, have sailed an amazing amount, and are low-key and understated about it all, in the way that the most accomplished sailors seem to be.

Alisa and I were particularly interested in the winter that they spent in Patagonia on Six Pack, and we peppered them with questions about their experiences there.

Nothing like the promise of future adventure to excite sailors in port...


  1. “There's a very special bond that we feel with other people who cross oceans in their own boats.” – I couldn’t agree more! Being in the same waters with other travelers makes you feel that have a connection. And it is also exciting to meet people who share the same passion as you.

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