Saturday, May 12, 2012

La Vida Loca

Here's Elias, triumphant, as he's about to leave the hospital yesterday.  He's holding a project that he was working on during his time on the inside - that's a Tassie tiger, in case you're wondering.

We brought him home, and the family chaos level immediately skyrocketed on board Galactic.  Our two boys are pretty good at stirring each other up.

It's been quite a run for the family - Elias in hospital for a week, and the book launch, and then, a few hours after Elias got home, I went to the airport and started my trip to Korea for a marine biology conference.  I only go to one or two science meetings a year, and it just happened that this one is happening at a really inconvenient time.

Poor Alisa gets to keep it all running as the outnumbered adult until I return!


  1. So glad Elias is home. We miss you all and hope you are doing well. What are your plans for this season? Have they firmed up? Looks like we'll be going through the Torres Strait.


    Carrie, Owen, Tamsyn & Griffyn on S/V Madrona

    1. Hey Guys - Great to hear from you. We'll be in Tasmania for the winter, then we're off to New Zealand next summer - we're thinking we'll apply for a permit to visit some of the New Zealand subantarctic islands. Hope you're having a good time in NZ!

  2. A belated happy birthday to you, Alisa! Hope the solo parent run is a breeze (huh)...if you had a choice, would it be Korea with marine biologists or Hobart with Elias and Eric? No need to answer! The 40s are a great decade, by the way. You've just been warming up till now. love Diana x

  3. happy birthday alisa! i am havin another pancake in favor of your entry into a new decade as we type...

    paul and fam